“An eminent educationist, a promoter of Indian culture, the pillar of strength is the pioneer of progressive thinking. His commitment to serving the needy in the field of education on the lines of the philosophy ‘Humanism makes one’s vision successful’. As a Mentor, he has been the source of inspiration and under his rich experience and guidance PBPSSS School have grown in leaps and bounds.”


Life is considered so dear so as the peace assumed so sweet only when they are earned innings in life. Otherwise, either they are purchased or enslaved which deserves to be forbidden in the name of Almighty. Children of today need to imbibe simplicity and value for money which remains uncommon as they get everything unasked for.

At the altar, anything worthier in life never dawns on them. This is where education is imparted plays a greater role. The output of their moments spent in school should be weighed on the balance of academics and non-academics. Academics in school is made incidental and under non-academics, the concept of all-rounder ship is brought in by catering to their physical and mental health. My choice to serve the realm of education is to make my learner’s good humans, successful breadwinners, tougher competitors, the right examples and responsible young men and women.

Ardent Wishes!

Prof. Anil Singh